Who can receive social assistance benefits?

Are you not entitled to other benefits, but make an insufficient income? If so, you can request social assistance benefits from the municipality. Social assistance benefits based on the Participation Act are meant for those who have no income of their own or whose income is too low to survive on. The Participation Act specifies who is entitled to these benefits and how much they will receive.


• You (and your partner, if applicable) do not make enough money for general living expenses. We will review whether your income and assets are lower than the social assistance norm. Your assets include your savings and any other possessions that have monetary value. You can find all the applicable amounts on the Dutch national government page. Click on the link “Bekijk alle uitkeringsbedragen per 2019” (view all benefit amounts as of 2019) under the first table.
• You are 18 years or older
• You live in Netherlands
• You are not entitled to any other benefits
• You do not belong to a group that is not eligible for social assistance benefits. These groups include those who are currently in prison or refugees without permits to stay in the Netherlands.

Waiting period for people under 27

Are you under 27? If so, register with first. The municipality will arrange an appointment for an interview with you. If you are under 27, there is a waiting period of four weeks. This means that you must first be actively seeking employment or education. You can only apply for benefits after that. The four-week period begins when you register with


In order to apply for social assistance benefits, you first have to register via After that, you will register with the Municipality of Wageningen. This can be done in one of the following ways:
• Startpunt, Rooseveltweg 408a, 6707 GX Wageningen. Tel. 0317-410160
• Stadhuis, Markt 22, 6702 CZ Wageningen. Tel. 0317-492450
• Using the DigiD form

An interview appointment will be scheduled with you. Your application will be discussed during this interview. Bring your passport or ID with you to the first appointment. You must also bring the documentation stating that you have registered with The municipality is required to make a decision regarding your application within eight weeks. This deadline can be extended once.

Appealing a decision

If you do not agree with the decision of the municipality, you can appeal it. That must be done within six weeks of the date that the decision is sent to you.

Advance payment

After you apply for social assistance benefits, it may take some time before you begin receiving payments. For this reason, you may receive an advance payment of your benefit disbursal before you actually begin receiving the payments. The municipality has to give you a decision within eight weeks after your application was submitted. If you have not heard from the municipality within four weeks, you can get an advance. An advance is a maximum of 90% of the social assistance benefit.

Forms for people who are already receiving benefits