Healthy eating

Healthy eating

A healthy diet is good for your physical and mental development, because:
• It contains the nutrients that you need
• It prevents illness
• It makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight
Your eating habits are important too. You should be drinking enough fluids, eating breakfast, eating at set times, eating different foods, etc.

Tips for a healthier diet

• Think about what you eat in a day and write it all down. Eating is often done without much thought. When you consider what you eat, it becomes more likely that you will develop a healthier diet naturally.
• Choose healthy foods more often. For example, avoid crisps or sweets when you are doing your homework: grab an apple instead
• It is even easier when the people around you are doing it as well
• Stick to it, even if it gets a bit difficult. It will eventually develop into a new habit on its own.
• Eat something less healthy every once in a while. Chips and crisps are all right every now and again, but don’t let them become a habit.

Drink water

Water cleans your body. It helps you process your food. It also transports the nutrients from your food throughout your body. Your body uses water to regulate its temperature as well, such as by sweating when you are too warm. Drinking enough water is important.