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Sexual abuse

Have you ever been forced to do something against your will? This can sometimes happen even when you are in a relationship with someone. Of course, strangers may also want something from you that you are not willing to give. The first step is to say “NO”. Sometimes that does not work or the other person does not listen. That person may cross a line with you. Once that happens, that person becomes a guilty party. Don’t bottle up your concerns. Talk about it with someone you trust. It could be your parents, a good friend, or someone from school. You can also speak with a general practitioner or visit Startpunt. You can ask questions through jouwggd.

Different forms of sexual abuse
There are different forms of sexual abuse:

Sexual assault
Sexual assault occurs when someone performs sexual acts on you without any penetration, e.g. by using the tongue or penis. Examples of assault include: being touched, kissed, groped, or undressed against your will. If you are forced to perform any of these acts on the perpetrator, it is also considered assault. This includes instances in which the perpetrator continues to perform sexual acts after you have retracted your consent.

Rape is any form of unwanted penetration of the anus or vagina. This includes the perpetrator using their finger or an object as well as inserting their genitals into your mouth.

Sexual abuse within a family is called incest. This can involve anyone related to you: parents, step parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, etc.

Undergoing an examination

If you are raped, it is a good idea to allow a physician to examine you, even if it pertains to oral or anal sex. You may have an STI or have suffered other physical injuries.

Filing a complaint

Sexual abuse is punishable by law. This means that you can file a complaint with the police. It may also help you process the trauma of the crime itself. Are you uncomfortable filing a complaint? Just remember that if you do, you can prevent the perpetrator from assaulting other victims.
Did you have unprotected sex? If so, you may be pregnant. Making a decision about your pregnancy can be very difficult. You will have to think about what you want to do in a short period of time. You might know how you feel right away. In other cases, you may have doubts. It is important that you carefully consider the choice you want to make.


You can contact your general practitioner or call for assistance.