Autumn blues

Do you start to feel tired when the days get shorter? Do you have less motivation to start your day? Does everything feel like it is all too much? You might be suffering from the autumn/winter blues. That’s fine: you can do something about it.

Our bodies need daylight. Light helps us create cortisol. This is the hormone that makes us alert, attentive, and resistant to stress. In the autumn, there is less daylight. So it is good to regularly go outside.

Make sure your room is dark. To get a good night’s sleep, it is best not to eat or drink within two hours before going to bed. Eating before bed activates your digestive system and this requires energy.

The sugars in biscuits, sweets, soda, and baked goods only provide brief bursts of energy. After that, you often burn out. The caffeine in coffee, soda, tea, and chocolate works the same way.

Those who want to keep their energy levels up, must ensure that their metabolism remains in balance. This balance can be disrupted by irregular sleeping and eating patterns. It is a good idea to set consistent times to eat, go to bed, and wake up.

Getting out and about
Physical activity triggers the brain to produce substances that are good for your mind and body. This has a relaxing effect and gives you energy.