Living in rooms

Leaflet 'Renting a room in Wageningen (pdf)'

Are you studying in Wageningen and looking for a room? You can register for a variety of room rental websites. There are a lot of students in Wageningen, so it can be difficult to find a room. For that reason, it is a good idea to sign up as soon as possible. The longer you have been registered, the better your chances of getting a room.

Room rental

For room rentals in Wageningen, you can contact:
• Idealis more information, call 0317-42 61 61. Idealis also offers family residences for PhD candidates with families. Idealis employs a need-based scheme.
• Housingdesk

Problems with your landlord

Problems between you and your landlord are always a pain. You don’t want to have to move out of your room. When you and your landlord disagree, living in your current room can become uncomfortable.

What should you do?

The cause of the disagreement does not matter: always try and keep the situation manageable for as long as possible. Make sure that it does not get worse. Remain civil when interacting with your landlord. This will keep you from being blamed for not behaving appropriately.

Engage in discussion

Try to resolve the issue by talking to your landlord directly. If you find that uncomfortable, consider bringing in an independent, outside party. They can mediate or have the conversation on your behalf.

Legal advice

You can request advice from the legal assistance desk or Sociaal Raadslieden. This is often free. Your university, education institution, or student association may also have a similar help desk available. It makes sense that you would not want to mention this to your landlord right away. This prevents the relationship from deteriorating any further.

Legal process

Has it unfortunately reached a point where you need to go to court to find a resolution? Then you need to decide whether you want to begin the legal process. It is important to think this over carefully, because this can have a negative impact on your relationship with your landlord. The legal assistance desk and Sociaal Raadslieden can provide you with advice in this area as well.