Safe at home (Veilig thuis)

Veilig Thuis (safe at home) is here for everyone: children, young people, students, adults, and the elderly. It doesn’t matter whether you or someone you know is the victim of violence or whether you are the person who has violent tendencies. Veilig Thuis is here for you no matter what. Violence comes in all shapes and sizes. Domestic violence is very common. It is experienced by people of all ages and cultures. It is important to seek out help before it is too late. Violence almost never stops on its own. You can also contact Veilig Thuis if you are concerned about someone else.

Examples of violence

  • Punching, kicking, and other physical forms of violence
  • Sexual abuse: sex or physical contact against your will or blackmail via social media
  • Psychological violence, such as verbal abuse, humiliation, threats of physical violence, destroying other people’s property, intimidation, and prohibiting others from making their own decisions
  • Elderly abuse, such as neglect or theft
  • General neglect, such as not providing a child with what they need (food, clothing, and love)
  • Children witnessing violence in the family

More information

  • You can also contact Startpunt during its opening hours with any questions about domestic violence.
  • Veilig Thuis can be contacted by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 0800-2000 (free). After stating the municipality in which you live, you will be directed to the Veilig Thuis in your area.
  • More information is available at