Volunteer work

Are you looking for volunteer work?

There are opportunities to volunteer at various locations in Wageningen. For example, you can volunteer with an association, club, or social organisation. You can make a difference for many people who live in Wageningen and who may be experiencing difficulties. In addition, you will also learn a lot from it. Both short-term and long-term volunteer work is available. The Wageningen Volunteer Centre would be happy to inform you of any vacancies.

What does the volunteer centre do?

• Mediates the supply and demand
• Provides a source of information for volunteers and volunteer organisations
• Provides training to volunteers
• Organises themed networking events
• Provides intensive support in finding suitable volunteer work


Are you a caregiver or volunteer in the Municipality of Wageningen? If so, when volunteering or providing care, you are insured through the Municipality of Wageningen. This insurance covers accidents and damage to personal items. You do not need to register for it. Outside of your work as a volunteer or caregiver, you are responsible for your own liability insurance. Liability insurance covers the damages that you cause to someone else.

More information

Stop by or contact the Wageningen Volunteer Centre.

Need help from volunteers?

Professional social workers cannot always provide the help that you need. There may be few or no people in your area who can provide help in your situation. If that is the case, you can contact the Wageningen Volunteer Centre. If you have a help request, the Volunteer Centre will look for an organisation that can provide you with a solution. For example, take a look at the following questions:

Types of help requests

• Visiting and care services for people with a disability, chronic illness, or dementia
• Accompaniment and transport to physicians or hospitals, even outside of the region
• Visiting people who have trouble leaving their house and who have limited contact with their environment
• Voluntary hospice care
• Buying groceries for or with someone
• Helping out with work in the home and garden
• Assistance with physical activity for people with a physical limitation
• Support in organising administrative paperwork or filling out forms

Want more information?

Please visit during the Wageningen Volunteers Centre opening hours or call us at this telephone number: 0317-413088.