Work support

It is not easy for everyone to find and keep a job. Are you restricted in your ability to work, e.g. due to a disability? Various support options are available. The appropriate option for you depends on your individual situation. The organisation that provides the benefits, such as the municipality or the UWV (Dutch employee insurance agency), is responsible for payment. Are you receiving benefits from the UWV? If so, please request information regarding employment assistance options from the UWV.

Municipal employment programmes

Do you receive social assistance benefits? Information on employment support options can be found below. The type of support involved will depend on your situation. The process varies from person to person.

Employment-focused support
Do you receive social assistance benefits, but are not restricted in your ability to work? If so, the municipality will assist you in entering the workforce as soon as possible. You may be given a training programme on learning how to apply for jobs or your client manager may provide you with vacancies for which you can apply. The goal is to be able to rejoin the workforce as soon as possible.

Reintegration-focused support
Is it difficult for you to simply start working again (e.g. because you haven’t worked for a long time)? Do you have an illness or disability and are not sure what work you are capable of performing? This type of support is focused on finding you a paying job again. However, there are often various steps required to get there, such as doing volunteer work or working to retain your benefits.

Healthcare support
Sometimes, medical or mental health problems prevent you from working. If so, you can receive support, guidance, or treatment. The municipality may also provide you with a decision letter (approval) which will enable you to work. This may be at a social care farm or other daily work location. The programme that suits you depends on your capabilities.

Other information

Do you receive social assistance benefits and have questions about finding and keeping a job? If so, please contact your municipal client manager.